Our Service

Pascal/Schildt Selections is an importer of premium South African wines.
We warehouse our wines in New Jersey and have compliance to ship to all 50 states.
We regularly tour the country with our winemakers to meet with our distributors and their clients to introduce them to the complex US market and support all sales efforts. 

Our Philosophy

We focus on family owned and operated wineries, who nurture quality production and who farm by means of sustainable, organic and biodynamic principles. These winegrower's have a great understanding of their region, soils and vines and are hyper-passionate about what they do.   We pride ourselves on our varied and high-quality South African portfolio.

About Pascal

Pascal LOVES LIVES and DRINKS wine.  
Born and raised in South Africa he moved to France in 2001 to pursue some serious wine training.  He lived in the Bordeaux wines Region, Burgundy and Southern Rhone.   Having worked for various French wineries in these regions for over a decade he knows how to navigate the subject of buying, selling and drinking wine.  

Husband and father… based in Avignon (Rhône Valley) and Newport (RI).
Pascal is at ease speaking English, German, Afrikaans, French and now American!

About Camille

Camille grew up in Newport, RI and then spent a decade in Europe working in the luxury travel industry, specializing in wine themed tours.  Took a break to get her masters in loving, living and drinking wine which then took her to Burgundy, the Loire and then South Africa.  She manages all the operations in the biz.