The name Inverroche is an amalgamation of the Gaelic word Inver (meaning confluence of the waters), and Roche (French for rock), a celebration of Lorna Scott’s shared Scottish and French Huguenot roots and a tribute to the unique environment surrounding the distillery.

The PLACE: a craft distillery, situated on the southern shores of Africa near the coastal town of Still Bay where the rich, diverse and aromatic fynbos surrounding the distillery are insipring.

The locally sourced BOTANICALS:  Fynbos is endemic to South Africa and forms part of the Cape Floral Kingdom, one of the smallest but richest kingdoms, and the tapestry of unique vegetation is found nowhere else on earth.

The PROCCESS: The whole process takes 10 days. Some of the more robust traditional botanicals such as juniper and coriander are steeped in the spirit and then left in the wash during distilling - whereas all the fynbos and fresh citrus zests are suspended in a gin basket of Inverroche’s own design to allow for a more gentle and slower vapour extraction. The gins are distilled in a custom made 1000-liter wood-fired copper potstill, and double or triple distilled in small batches. Only the heart is captured and on average Inverroche produce approximately 420 litres at 78% avb per batch. A post distillation steep for a few days enriches the delicate fynbos aromas and natural colour before breaking down the spirit and filtration.

The PEOPLE: The master distiller along with Lorna and three senior tasters evaluate the colour and taste profile before a batch is released for bottling to ensure exceptional quality and consistance. A labour of love, each gin is bottled, labeled and numbered by hand.

The RANGE: The Inverroche Classic is infused with fynbos harvested from the limestone-rich hills and cliffs, Inverroche Gin Verdant with fynbos selected from the mountainous, rocky terrain and Inverroche Amber from fynbos scattered along the dunes.

The REPUTATION: #1 selling Craft Gin in South Africa. The best gin to come out of Africa to America.  The 2018 Ultimate Spirits Challenge awarded the Classic & Amber with 92 points and the Verdant with 85 points.